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If you want to see Adhocracy at work, or try it out, or just use our multi-tenant hosted Adhocracy instance for your own organisation, please visit!

About Adhocracy

Adhocracy is a policy drafting tool for distributed groups. It allows members of organizations or the public to compose or vote documents that represent the policy of the group.

In order to allow cooperation, Adhocracy uses LiquidDemocracy, a set of ideas that include delegating a user's voting rights to another to enable both active and passive participation in the process. We also implement ideas from  Direkter Parlamentarismus, a theory of mass participation in parliamentary processes.

To start using Membase Server, you need to follow these steps:

UI Redesign

In August 2011 we had an usability review and will implement most of the suggested changes. You can find the study, designs and status information on the UiRedesign page.


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Contact & Help

Adhocracy is developed by a team from Liquid Democracy e.V., a German association dedicated to exploring new types and modes of democratic decision-making. Anyone is invited and encouraged to help further the development of Adhocracy.

Adhocracy is licensed under an Affero GPL3 license. It can be found at source:trunk/LICENSE.txt